More than 10 years of experience in the world of taxes

We have variety of services and giving attention throughout the year, to continue helping, guiding and facilitating, situations to our Latino community.

About Us



Public Accountant

We carry out different procedures, before the State and at the Federal level. We also have a bilingual work team.

Public Notary

We are experts in the accounting area, in addition to having one of the best Notaries in the area on our team.

Money Transfers

We send money to all Latin America quickly and safety, authorized agent by intermex.

Public Accountant

Public Accountant

  • Tax Preparation

    Federal and State Tax preparation forms (EF), Electronic Filling, Consultations and orientation with IRS.

  • Processing and Renewal of ITIN Number

    We process and renew ITIN number and we are a certified and authorized agent by the IRS and we not send original documents.

  • Opening and Business Management

    Management and processing to open businesses with the state and federal.

Public Notary

Public Notary

  • Notarized Letters and Powers

    Letters for motors and vehicles, Schools, Travel permits for minors, Purchase and sales of vehicles and houses, Divorse, Authorizations for passport procedures, etc.

  • Certified Translations

    Birth certificates, Licenses, Documents in general, with certification for procedures with the State of NJ.